Vet Services

Jake waiting roomwebsize The reception area is bright and spacious with a separate area for cats.  We have several sales display area selling collars, leads, foods and other pet accessories. 
Joeconsultroomwebsize  We have two fully equipped consulting rooms, both accessible from the main waiting area.  One is primarily used for Acupuncture and for when more privacy and time is required.

 The operating areas are both fully equipped and sited at the back of the practice away from noise and flow of people!

This photo shows Helen performing a dental in the prep room.  This is the 'dirty' operating room in which non sterile procedures such as dentals, xrays, flushing of abscesses etc are carried out. It is here that patients are prepared for more major surgery.  As animals are covered in hair, preparation involves clipping some of this away and this contaminates the air with dust and hair.  This is best done away from the main operating area to allow us to keep the main surgical areas as clean as possible.  Practices like this help us to cut down on our use of antibiotics.



Cat Friendly

Cats are known to feel more stress and anxiety when occupying the same space as dogs so we have a dedicated cat waiting area and a separate cat ward to help them feel at home.